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Birmingham HMOs will be under strict regulation.

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Birmingham HMOs will be under strict regulation.

New regulations effecting HMO's coming soon. 

From June 2020, Birmingham landlords will require planning approval for any property that would operate as HMO to house 3 or more unrelated tenants.

The current regulations remove the number of storeys element and so any house or flat with 5 or more occupiers (not all related) will require a HMO licence. In addition, local councils must impose minimum space rules on shared homes.

Bedrooms for one adult must measure at least 6.51 square metres, while those for two adults should be no smaller than 10.22 square metres and rooms for children up to 10 years old must have an area of 4.64 square metres or more. It seems (although we await the regulations) that the minimum bedroom size refers to any HMO (3 or more people sharing not all related) and not just those that need a licence.

The HMO licence specifies how many people can live in each bedroom and the total occupancy number put on a property will limit how many people can live in a home. The licence will also tell landlords which rooms cannot be used as bedrooms.

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